Dances with Duffel by Ed Moye

  Or Circumnavigating Vancouver Island

  Or How I spent my summer vacation

July thru September 2000

The following tale is told is several parts and voices. First there are the Log entries of our boat Lacuna. Wherever these are written by Dennis Todd they are notated DT at the end of the entry. My own log entries have no such notation at the end of the entry. As much as possible I have transcribed the log entries as they were recorded in Lacuna's logbook. There are also sections titled Computer entry. These represent writing done both onboard Lacuna as we voyaged along the Vancouver coast and writing I have completed subsequent to our return dry land. Though this is somewhat confusing in terms of the time line of the narrative, it does allow for a relatively accurate record of the log entries. This organization also allowed me the freedom to include many events that escaped notation in our original log. It also allowed me to maintain the feel of my private journal. In many cases these computer entries convey the feel of shipboard living in much greater detail than the brevity of the ship's log would allow.

Part 1: July 16-26, 2000

Part 2: July 27-August 5, 2000

Part 3: August 6-16, 2000

Part 4: August 17-26, 2000

Part 5: August 27-September 3, 2000

Part 6: September 4-13, 2000

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