Lacuna's Itinerary

The voyage to Alaska is meant to be one of exploration, both of the natural world and the inner world. The pace is planned to be moderate and the mandatory waypoints and appointments are purposely few. Lacuna will avoid the well-traveled routes where possible, gunkholing her way up and down the Inside Passage.

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Outbound: 7 weeks, Olympia to Glacier Bay

(“Mile XX” via the most-traveled route from Seattle)

April 25: Mile -65. Launch at Olympia, Washington.

April 26: Budd inlet, Dana Passage, Nisqually Reach, Hale Passage, anchorage in Wollochet Bay. 6 hours of motoring

April 27: Tacoma Narrows, Colvos Passage, Puget Sound, moorage at Edmonds Marina. 8 hours of sailing, some motorsailing and motoring

April 28: Possession Sound, Saratoga Passage, Penn Cove, moorage at Coupeville. 3 hours of sailing, 4 hours of motoring

April 29: Skagit Bay, Swinomish Channel, Padilla Bay. Moorage at Cap Sante Marina, Anacortes. 5 hours of motoring. Total mileage 141 n.m.

April 30: Lay day at Anacortes.

May 1: Guemes Channel, Rosario Strait, Haro Strait, Mosquito Pass. Anchorage at Garrison Bay. 7 hours of motoring. Total mileage 178 n.m.

May 2: Haro Strait, Hughes Passage, Sidney Channel, Sidney, Moresby Passage, Swanson Channel, Captain Pass. Anchorage at Annette Inlet, Prevost Island. 6 hours of motoring. Total mileage 204 n.m.

May 3: Trincomali Channel, Dodd Narrows, Northumberland Channel, Nanaimo, anchorage in Nanoose Harbor. 8 hours of motoring, 1 hour of sailing. Total mileage 250 n.m.

May 4: Horswell Channel, Strait of Georgia, Baynes Sound, moorage at Comox Harbor. 8 1/2 hours of motoring. Total mileage 296 n.m.

May 5: Lay day at Comox--deep investigation of electrical system.

May 6: Comox Bar, Georgia Strait, Discovery Passage, moorage at Campbell River. Total to date: 333 nautical miles in 67:06 hours of travel time.

May 7: Discovery Passage, Seymour Narrows (Ripple Rock!), Johnstone Strait, Current Passage, anchorage in Billygoat Bay, Helmcken Island. 375 miles, 74:35 hours.

May 8: Current Passage, Johnstone Strait , Havannah Channel, Chatham Channel, moorage at Minstrel Island. 407 n.m., 80:10.

May 9: Knight Inlet, Blackfish Sound, Cormorant Channel, moorage at Port McNeill. 439 n.m., 86:00 hours. Port McNeill is approximately mile 280 on the most commonly travelled route from Seattle to Alaska.

May 10: Lay day at Port McNeill--last good provisioning stop for miles.

May 11: Broughton Strait, Queen Charlotte Strait, Ripple Passage, anchorage in Skull Cove on Bramham Island. 475 n.m., 92:52.

May 12: Queen Charlotte Strait, Queen Charlotte Sound, Cape Caution, Egg Island, Rivers Inlet, anchorage in Goose Bay. 513 n.m., 99:34.

May 13: Lay day in Goose Bay.

May 14: Rivers Inlet, Dawsons Landing, Darby Channel, Klaquaek Channel, anchorage in Frypan Bay. 536 n.m., 105:30.

May 15: Fitz Hugh Sound, Fisher Channel, Lama Passage, anchorage in Fancy Cove. 582 n.m., 111:08.

May 16: Lama Passage, fuel stop at Bella Bella, Seaforth Channel, Troup Passage, Troup Narrows, Return Channel, Roscoe Inlet, anchorage in Clatse Bay. 614 n.m., 129:50 hrs.

May 17: Roscoe Inlet. (Wow!). Clatse Bay anchorage. 655 n.m., 128:40 hrs.

May 18: Return Channel, Seaforth Channel, Blair Inlet, Reid Passage, Perseval Narrows, Mathieson Channel, anchorage in Rescue Bay. 698 n.m., 136:36 hrs.

May 19: Jackson Passage, Klemtu Channel, Finlayson Channel, Hiekish Narrows, Graham Reach, Butedale Passage, moorage at Butedale. 748 n.m., 146:00 hrs.

May 20: Fraser Reach, McKay Reach, Wright Sound, Grenville Channel, Lowe Inlet, anchorage in Nettle Basin. 792 n.m., 153:30 hrs.

May 21: Grenville Channel (backtracking), Coghlan Anchorage, Stewart Narrows, fuel stop at Hartley Bay, Grenville Channel (again!), Klewnuggit Inlet, anchorage in East Inlet. 851 n.m., 165:40 hrs.

May 22: Lay day at East Inlet.

May 23: Grenville Channel, Arthur Passage, Chatham Sound, moorage at Prince Rupert. 913 n.m., 174:34 hrs.

May 24: Lay day at Prince Rupert.

May 25: Another lay day at Princer Rupert--enjoying wonderful weather.

May 26: Venn Passage, Chatham Sound, Holliday Passage, anchorage in Brundige Inlet. 937 n.m., 181:00 hrs.

May 27: Dixon Entrance, Revillagigedo Channel, Tongass Narrows. Moorage at Ketchikan. 994 n.m, 191:39 hrs.

May 28: Lay day at Ketchikan.

May 29: Clarence Strait, Ernest Sound, anchorage in Vixen Harbor on Cleveland Peninsula. 1038 n.m., 200:23 hrs.

May 30: Ernest Sound, Seward Passage, Bradfield Canal, Blake Channel, anchorage in Madan Bay. 1084 n.m., 209:07 hrs.

May 31: Eastern Passage, temporary anchorage off Wrangell, Sumner Strait, anchorage in St. John Harbor. 1119 n.m., 216:15 hrs.

June 1: Wrangell Narrows, moorage at Petersburg North Harbor. 1144 n.m., 220:57 hrs.

June 2: Exploration of eastern Frederick Sound, sighting of ice from Le Conte glacier, moorage at Petersburg. 1177 n.m., 228:23 hrs.

June 3-5: Lay days at Petersburg.

June 6: Wrangell Narrows, Frederick Sound, Thomas Bay, anchorage near Ruth Island. 1208 n.m., 235:33 hrs.

June 7: Frederick Sound, anchorage in Cleveland Passage. 1248 n.m., 243:31 hrs.

June 8: Stephens Passage, Holkham Bay, anchorage in Tracy Arm cove. 1286 n.m., 251:08 hrs.

June 9: Tracy Arm; anchorage in Tracy Arm cove. 1333 n.m., 261:47 hrs.

June 10: Stephens Passage, anchorage in Taku Harbor. 1358 n.m., 266:24 hrs.

June 11: Stephens Passage, Gastineau Channel, moorage at Juneau. 1380 n.m., 271:12 hrs.

June 12: Lay day at Juneau.

June 13: Gastineau Channel, Stephens Passage, moorage in Auke Bay. 1411 n.m., 278:07 hrs.

June 14: Stephens Passage, Saginaw Channel, Lynn Canal, anchorage in Coverden Island cove. 1440 n.m., 283:47 hrs.

June 15: Icy Strait, Glacier Bay; anchorage at Bartlett Cove. 1483 n.m, 292:00 hrs.

June 16: Sitakaday Narrows, Glacier Bay, Muir Inlet, anchorage at Hunter Cove. 1537 n.m., 305:25 hrs.

June 17: Muir Inlet, Glacier Bay, Queen Inlet, anchorage in Blue Mouse Cove. 1576 n.m., 314:33 hrs.

June 18: Glacier Bay, Tarr Inlet, anchorage at Russell Island. 1621 n.m., 324:18 hrs.

June 19: Glacier Bay, Tarr Inlet, anchorage in Blue Mouse Cove. 1656 n.m., 332:07 hrs.

June 20: Glacier Bay, Beardslee Channel, anchorage in Bartlett Cove. 1697 n.m., 340:55 hrs. (2.5 hrs sailing among whales in 20-knot winds)

June 21: Icy Strait, Port Frederick, moorage in Hoonah. 1728 n.m., 348:15 hrs.

June 22: A brief excursion into Icy Strait, back to Hoonah. 1737 n.m., 350:37 hrs.

June 22-July 18: Lacuna resting at Hoonah (crew celebrating at Oregon Country Fair)

Homeward voyage:

July 18: Hoonah, Icy Strait, Glacier Bay. Anchorage in Berg Bay, north nook. 46 n.m., 9:56 hrs.

July 19: Glacier Bay. Anchorage in Blue Mouse Cove. 69 n.m., 16:36 hrs.

July 20: Glacier Bay. Anchorage in Reid Inlet.

July 21: Glacier Bay. Anchorage in Russel Island Passage.

July 22: Glacier Bay. Anchorage in Reid Inlet.

July 23: Glacier Bay. Anchorage in Bartlett Cove.

July 24: Kayak exploration of Beardslee Islands. Anchorage in Bartlett Cove.

July 25: Bartlett Cove, Lemesurier Island North Passage, Inian Islands South Passage, Cross Sound, Lisianski Inlet, moorage at Pelican.

July 26: Lay day at Pelican.

July 27: Lisianski Inlet, Lisianski Strait, Islas Bay, Fleming Channel, anchorage in Mirror Harbor.

July 28: Lay day in Mirror Harbor. White Sulfur Springs.

July 29: Dry Pass, Portlock Harbor, Surveyor Passage, Ogden Passage, Smooth Channel, Khaz Bay, Gulf of Alaska, Salisbury Sound, Neva Strait, Whitestone Narrows, Olga Strait, anchorage in Eastern Bay.

July 30: Sitka Sound. Moorage at Sitka.

July 31: Lay day at Sitka.

August 1: Lay day at Sitka.

August 2: Lay day at Sitka.

August 3: Sitka Sound, Olga Strait, Neva Strait, Peril Strait, anchorage in Schulze Cove.

August 4: Peril Strait, temporary anchorage in Nismeni Cove, anchorage in Hanus Bay.

August 5: Chatham Strait. Moorage in Warm Springs Bay.

August 6: Chatham Strait. Anchorage in Red Bluff Bay.

August 7: Chatham Strait, Frederick Sound, anchorage in Chapin Bay.

August 8: Frederick Sound. Moorage in Petersburg.

August 9: Lay day at Petersburg.

August 10: Wrangell Narrows. Anchorage in Kah Sheets Bay, Sumner Strait.

August 11: Sumner Strait, Clarence Strait, Snow Passage, Anchorage in Snug Anchorage.

August 12: Clarence Strait, Behm Canal. Anchorage in Yes Bay.

August 13: Behm Canal. Anchorage in Fitzgibbon Cove.

August 14: Behm Canal, Misty Fiords. Moorage at USFS buoy in Walker Cove.

August 15: Behm Canal, Rudyerd Bay. Moorage at USFS buoy at Ella Creek.

August 16: Behm Canal, Revillagigedo Channel. Moorage at Ketchikan.

August 17-20: Lay days in Ketchikan

August 21: Tongass Narrows, Revillagigedo Channel. Anchorage in Foggy Bay.

August 22: Dixon Entrance, Venn Passage. Moorage at Prince Rupert Rowing and Yacht Club.

August 23: Lay day in Prince Rupert.

August 24: Prince Rupert Harbor, Malacca Passage, Arthur Passage, Ogden Channel. Anchorage in Captain Cove.

August 25: Petrel Channel, Principe Channel. Anchorage in Miller Inlet.

August 26: Principe Channel, Nepean Sound, Estevan Sound, Caamano Sound. Anchorage in Emily Carr Inlet.

August 27: Laredo Channel, Meyers Passage, Tolmie Channel, Klemtu Passage. Moorage at Klemtu.

August 28: Klemtu Passage, Finlayson Channel, Oscar Passage, Mathieson Channel, Reid Passage, Seaforth Channel, Lama Passage, Clayton Pass. Moorage at Shearwater Marine, Bella Bella.

August 29: Lama Passage, Fisher Channel, Fitz Hugh Sound. Anchorage in Frigate Bay.

August 30: Queen Charlotte Sound, South Passage, Slingsby Channel. Anchorage in Treadwell Bay.

August 31: Nakwakto Rapids, Seymour Inlet, Belize Inlet, Alison Sound. Anchorage in Peet Bay.

September 1: Alison Sound, Belize Inlet, Seymour Inlet, Nakwakto Rapids, Schooner Passage. Anchorage in Shelter Bay. Lacuna passes 3000-mile mark on this voyage.

September 2: Ripple Passage, Queen Charlotte Strait, Hardy Bay, Broughton Strait. Moorage at Port McNeill, Vancouver Island.

September 3: Lay Day at Port McNeill

September 4: Johnstone Strait. Anchorage in Billygoat Bay, Helmcken Island.

September 5: Johnstone Strait, Chancellor Channel, Greene Point Rapids, Dent Rapids, Gillard Passage, Yuculta Rapids, Calm Channel, Lewis Channel. Anchorage in Squirrel Cove, Cortes Island.

September 6: Strait of Georgia, Malaspina Strait. Anchorage in Smuggler Cove.

September 7: Strait of Georgia, Rainbow Channel, Nanaimo, Northumberland Channel, Dodd Narrows, Stuart Channel, Trincomali Channel, Houstoun Passage. Anchorage in Panther Point cove, Wallace Island.

September 8: Trincomali Channel, Navy Channel, Plumper Sound, Boundary Pass (international border), San Juan Channel. Moorage at Friday Harbor.

September 9: San Juan Channel, Middle Channel, Strait of Juan de Fuca, Port Townsend, Admiralty Inlet, Puget Sound. Moorage at Kingston.

September 10: Puget Sound. Moorage at Elliott Bay.

September 11: Puget Sound, East Passage. Moorage at Des Moines.

September 12: Puget Sound, Tacoma Narrows, Gig Harbor, Dalco Passage. Anchorage in Quartermaster Harbor.

September 13: Colvos Passage. Moorage at Blake Island.

September 14: East Passage. Moorage at Des Moines.

September 15: On the road to Eugene, on the hard at home.

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